The idea that we’re all separated by six degrees, or six people, is rooted in folklore. But here in New Zealand, in this small and friendly nation, it is more like two degrees of closeness than six degrees of separation. For this telco, 2degrees is more than just a name, its what they stand for – Kiwis helping Kiwis staying connected, both literally and figuratively.

2degrees entered the New Zealand telecommunications market in 2009, determined to give New Zealanders a fairer deal – and a better choice of telco. From day one they challenged the status quo by slashing the price of pre-pay calls and texts. They quickly followed up by offering fair-priced, easy-to-understand plans and good old-fashioned Kiwi service.

One way 2degrees stays on top of its competitors is to do things differently. They fight for fair by offering several points of difference from ‘the other guys’, such as only charging monthly on its monthly pre-pay plans (not every 28 days like the other guys’ most common pre-pay plans), a Free Data Hour programme, and innovations such as wi-fi calling. Unlike many industries where business decreased during the pandemic, telecommunications increased as the importance of staying connected became a priority for the nation. A reliable mobile service to stay in touch with family and friends was a basic requirement.

2degrees has spent a billion dollars on its network to give 2degrees customers coverage in 98.5% of the places they live and work, allowing Kiwis across the nation to stay in touch.

The investment paid off in other ways too. 2degrees is now a proud recipient of multiple independent awards for its quality and service reliability.

COVID-19 greatly increased the number of calls to the 2degrees Customer Care team. To keep up with demand, 2degrees recruited and trained Care agents from all over the country who could work from home from anywhere in New Zealand.

“Our Auckland and Christchurch call centres remain the backbone of our team, but adding our remote teams allows us to provide a flexible option for talent around the country to ensure we’re able to continue offering our award-winning customer service,” says Holly Knill, Chief Consumer Officer.

“We are proud to have had a 100% Kiwi call centre from day one. 2degrees customers love to know that if they have any issues, they can jump on the phone and speak to a friendly voice from our Customer Care team, and enjoy award-winning customer service.”

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"I have been with 2degrees now for 11 years and they have done everything right and nothing wrong."


"“Great rates and excellent customer service."

MALE, 60-69, OTAGO

"They always resolve my issues in a timely manner"