Bay Audiology

THE AUDIOLOGISTS, CLIENT CARE COORDINATORS AND OTHER STAFF AT BAY AUDIOLOGY are passionate about helping people improve their hearing. Providing a bespoke experience, the staff at Bay Audiology ensure every client receives a hearing solution tailored to their specific needs.

The client experience doesn’t end after the purchase of new hearing aids. The team at Bay Audiology regularly check in while clients are getting used to their hearing solutions to see how they are adjusting, what support may be needed, and to answer any questions to ensure they are getting the most out of their new hearing experience.

During COVID-19 Alert Levels 3 and 4, Bay Audiology made adjustments to their usual face-toface services. Clinics across the country changed tack to instead provide services over the phone. In 2020, the contact centre began a programme in which they proactively contacted the most vulnerable clients to ensure they were getting the hearing support they needed, as well as providing a friendly voice at the end of the phone at a time when many were on their own and without their usual support structures.

To keep on top of issues that may arise from time to time, customers are encouraged to provide their feedback after key points in their hearing aid journey. This is reviewed and shared so that improvements can be made and issues addressed. Bay Audiology consistently excels in customer service and has been recognised with the Quality Service Gold Award for five years in a row



"Had great service and am very happy with my new hearing aids. They even have a follow-up phone service."


"The person was great, experienced and very professional."


"Bay Audiology provides a highquality service. I love my hearing specialist."