Dilworth Hearing

IN 1960, A GROUP OF EAR, NOSE AND THROAT (ENT) doctors decided New Zealanders needed specialist audiology services, and Dilworth Hearing was established. Their focus was to deliver high-quality patient care, which is something that still underpins the company’s values today. Dilworth Hearing works closely with ENT specialists and GPs to identify patients who have hearing-related issues as early as possible so they can provide the best outcomes for the individual. They are one of the only companies who offer the full range of audiology related services for New Zealanders including private paediatric care for children aged from 6 months, auditory processing disorder (APD), tinnitus management and advice, plus cochlear implant and bone-anchored hearing device support. As Dilworth Hearing is not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer, staff are able to offer the full range of hearing aids available on the market and personalise the product according to the patient’s lifestyle, budget and hearing requirements.

To ensure the absolute best quality care is given to patients, they have developed a set of ‘Gold Standards’ in patient care that focus on regular check-ups and ongoing communication with patients throughout their hearing journey. The highly trained audiology team and clinic staff undergo regular training and education – including reviews of international audiology research articles. Only people with a customer mindset and a commitment to ongoing training, coaching and mentoring are recruited as clinic staff. This training is provided both virtually and in-person at Dilworth Development Days where the focus is on upskilling the whole team to offer the best treatment and service to patients.

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"I had a test at Dilworth recently and I found them to be thorough and professional."


"Used them forever. Very good.”"


"They provided a friendly and professional service."