The Tile Depot

FOR THE PAST QUARTER OF A CENTURY, The Tile Depot has worked closely with its customers to ensure they receive a premium service and goodquality products at competitive prices. Making customers feel special never gets old, and success at The Tile Depot comes down to its warm and friendly service staff who engage with customers and are genuinely excited to help transform their homes into modern, functional and eye-catching spaces.

Like many businesses, the pandemic has provided many challenges for The Tile Depot. Shipping delays can mean a product can take two to three times longer to arrive than before. But to gear up for the year ahead, early in 2021 The Tile Depot doubled its importing programme. And to manage customer expectations and allow them to plan ahead, shipping ETAs are constantly updated on its website.

The nature of the tiling business is such that things will go wrong from time to time. The product is fragile and heavy, and it is batch manufactured – which makes variations in colour appearance inevitable. So staff are trained to prepare customers for these potential issues by discussing them in detail at the time of purchase. And as a family business with a flat management structure, if there is a problem at store level, the owners get involved quickly to fix it.

Moving forward, one of the company’s future goals is to win the Quality Service Gold award again next year. “After 26 years of tweaking the formulae, we realise the customer journey is the most critical aspect of the business to get right,” says owner Mike Syddall.



"We have just done a home and this company was our choice. Huge variety of tiles at great prices."


"Happy with the service. Pleasure to deal with."


"I’m happy with the service, price and options. They were competitively priced and most helpful. They offered training services for DIYers."