P&O Cruises

LEADING THE WAY IN CRUISING HOLIDAYS SINCE 1932,it’s hardly surprising that over half a million guests now sail with P&O Cruises every year. The region’s largest and longest-serving cruise operator, P&O believes the first step in building magical experiences is to have a deep understanding of its patrons.

Customers have always wanted someone who cares and listens to them, and this has been a key driver of P&O’s customer-service policy. Attentiveness, consistency, clear communication, empathy and a genuine desire to put the guest first are all skills required of P&O staff, from onboard crew to customer service agents.

P&O aligns culture and customer-service training closely to the guest experience. The company trains its agents to understand customer types to enable them to tailor-fit their conversation to individual guests, thus providing solution-driven and positive customer service experiences at all times. This approach starts from the moment guests book a cruise.

P&O’s goal has always been to create a strong emotional connection with guests. This is where its guest loyalty is fought for and won. The year ahead is all about leading the ‘charge’ in the guest experience, with the aim of service staff championing guests by putting themselves in their shoes, and continually delivering an experience like no other.

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